Barbershop Beard Charts


There is a website devoted to black barbershops called It seems to be directed mostly at people who work cutting hair. They sell barbershop supplies, including style charts.

I usually go to black barbershops because the barbers there are used to cutting hair short and doing detail work. If I went to a white barbershop, Im afraid they would give me something like number 5 below (picture taken by someone named geeview and then put on flickr, where I found it). If you click on it you will be able to see it closer:

the soviet chart is courtesy of USMLM Association:

My barber all through childhood and adolescence, Art, died not that long ago. Rest In Peace, Art. He was an old school barber for real, his shop was across the street from the Montgomery Wards/Bi-Lo shopping center, universally acclaimed as the most run down shopping center in Ukiah, CA.

I miss his hard candy given to me when I sat still as a child, his real-estate advice, his offers to buy rare coins from me at a fraction of their value, his poster of dogs playing poker, his sign proudly announcing that he sells Knapp shoes, his fingernail clippers for sale, his retrograde opinions on all social matters, his shaky hand when giving me a straight razor shave, the bag balm he put on my face after a shave even his stories of his Korean mail order-bride. He always treated me well.