Tender Greens

Tender Greens is a fresh & quickly made salad place here around Los Angeles. Id been to the one in Culver City before but over the weekend I managed to have a nice early dinner at the one in Hollywood. They have several types of pre-built salads or you can kind of make your own plate with a meat, veggies or potatoes, and a salad. I had the steak, baby arugula and tomato salad and grilled veggies. The salad was perfectly coated in balsamic vinegar and the steak was perfectly grilled to a medium rare. Together with the veggies it was a wonderful and filling meal. However, what made this meal special was the dessert I randomly decided to order as I was paying. It was a raspberry tart made with a custard filling. Now, even though the cashier was fully enthused about how good it was, I was kind of skeptical.

I was totally in for a surprise. This tart was amazing, so good in fact I wished I had just ate that for dinner and then ordered another one for dessert. The crust was nice and light and had a citrus-y tang to it and the custard was light and creamy but didnt over power the fresh raspberries on top. I thought about taking a picture of it for yall but it was way too hard to put the fork down long enough to fiddle with my phone to do so. Sadly, I think the tart is a limited time edition for the summer so Im hoping I can make another trip before it disappears to try againand possible another time.

If youre ever in the area or happen to live near where theyre expanding, Id recommend them for a nice, light meal anytime. The salads generally run about $10.50 which for the size of the salad I think is pretty reasonable. Of course it was my one real meal of the day, so maybe Im a little biased. Tender Greens, Im glad I gave you a second chance outside of the lunch rush. For the splendid tart and lovely salads, you will get a ★★★★★.

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