A new Rod Laver Design

adidasWhere do you have to go and who do you have to do the sex to in order to get a decent pair of Rod Laver sneakers these days? Adidas does their level best to cancel their best designs in favor of stuff like the shoes the left.

The leather w/suede toe Rod Laver was discontinued. Maybe they were to busy making works of art like the Kobe IIs. Who can say?

They do still make Rod Lavers but usually you can only get the mesh w/suede toe ones. These are pretty but they show dirt VERY quickly and are hard to clean.

Ive put it out of my mind that theyll ever bring back the leather/suede version but a week or so ago I got the next best thing from Amazon:  dark mesh & leather. Ingenious!  they made the mesh a color that wont make you look like a bum the 1st time it rains.

I got the Grey/Red  but thats just because I have a personal genie and  when I wrote this Amazon only had Black/Green in stock, but maybe they got more in, check for yourself.

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