Michael Bays The Island

I just saw the Island last night & really enjoyed it.

Its easy to make fun of Michael Bay and his excesses which are really in full view here.  At one point in the Island, some bad guys show up to chase Ewan Mcgregor under a teal sky.

Me: But Michael, where is the orange to balance against the teal?

Michael Bay: F.U., watch this!

Right before the chase scene starts to pop off one of the bad guys throws down an orange smoke grenade. Finally teal and orange have been properly balanced!  The universe is at peace!  When people in the future look for an example of the teal and orangethe island phenomenon theyll use this movie.  I have an idea called Teal and Orange: the Motion Picture get at me.

Some of the science fiction ideas are really fascinating but of course they dont really get much time to explore them because they have to do too much posing.  Somewhere in there is a good story about the ethics of cloning, stem cell research, the nature of humanity etc.  The cast is strong, Djimon Honsous mumbling is balanced out by how he looks cool when the camera spins around hm while he glowers.  Ewan Mcgregor and Scarlett Johannsen play stunted adolescents which is probably harder than it seems.

The product placement is screwy, half of the products show the product in a negative light like for example an MSN info kiosk is shown as being slow in retrieving information or the Reebok tracksuits which a character describe as boring.  All the product placement in the facility where the story starts is super negative too, its like getting product placement in a holocaust movie but what do I know?

There were some really glaring holes in the story but if you care about that youve got problems.  If the same script and cast had been directed by Spielberg or even Ridley Scott itd be considered a classic but this movie is considered a big failure in every way.  Maybe Im crazy, & my taste is suspect: I liked Spielbergs War of the Worlds.  I was about to say its the closest we can expect to get in terms of a modern-day Logans Run or Soylent Green, but then I remembered Children of Men which is 100x better.

Watching it didnt make me feel like I was being abused the way that watching Transformers and Bad Boys 2 did.  Maybe thats faint praise. Ah well at least we can say it looked cool when the big heavy metal things fell off the giant truck onto the cars, Johannsens & lips were super pillowy and sometime thats enough.

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