Kind Kreme

ice creamSo this past weekend I went with a friend to a new raw, vegan ice cream place in Studio City called Kind Kreme. I know they have a couple of products with honey and some dont consider it vegan but Im calling the place so here anyways. Ive not had a lot of vegan ice cream and certainly not any raw vegan ice cream so you can take this how you will. Its in a little strip mall right near Universal Studios with a tiny parking lot. It was easy to find though and it seemed like parking turned over pretty quickly. Inside they had about 20 flavors that they rotate through on a semi-regular basis and you can sample as many as you want while you decide. They offer ice cream sundaes and other treats, shakes, coffee based drinks and juices as well as pints of their ice cream to go.

As you can see from the picture, I got a banana split in small that comes with a sauce (caramel or chocolate), choice of topping and two scoops of ice cream. I got mint chip and chai scoops. It was $10 which is a little pricey but it is such a specific market that I suppose its worth the price but will limit how often people enjoy their product. The ice cream over all is quite a change from your regularly mass produced ice cream. The flavors seemed to be really muted to me so I missed a lot of the mint flavor in the mint chip specifically. The chai seemed to hold its flavor pretty well so no complaints there. My friend and I were going to try two different things and split them but at the time of our visit they were missing a dehydrator to make the cookies for an ice cream cookie sandwich and the brownies. The nice thing I did notice after I was finished eating was that I didnt feel overly stuffed from the treat nor hungry again soon after. Overall, it wasnt bad for a try or if your dietary requirements limit you to such choices but I think with the drive and the price, I wont be a frequent visitor. Ill give Kind Kreme a ★★★½☆.

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