Disneys World of Color

disneyOver the past week, I had the opprotunity to see Disney California Adventures new show, World of Color. I knew it had to do with the remake of Paradise Pier and it was a water show with scenes projected on to the water. Luckily, the night before we went to see it, I googled how to get these fast passes (Disneys way of asking you to come back later to do something) and found out that people were let in an hour early to wait in line for a pass. By time my brother and I got there, there was quite a line already. But we stood in line for almost an hour to get tickets, which we were pleased to get to the first showing at 9pm. Unpleasing was the fact that the ticket stated to show up to your color area about 7:30. There are three showings, 9, 10-ish and 11:15. So after a long day, 9pm was just fine with us.

When you show up to line up, its just a mob of people mulling around the roped off area. I used my previous concert going experience and slowly moved us up towards the front so we could get a good spot. Soon the cast members opened about a two foot space for all of us to go through and by time we got up there, some guy had blocked the enterance with his kids stroller, yelling about how insane this was. He was right but also in the way, so we handed our tickets and stepped over the stroller. We found a spot up front on some railing in the second section back to watch from. We noticed about this time that the front sections had signs warning people they would get wet up there. To kill the hour and more we had to now wait, we all sat down until about 8:30 where they made everyone stand up and they did a little show with characters that matched the 5 sections of seating which I gathered held about 4,000 people altogether. Our section won, fyi. Then the real show finally began.

The show is very colorful (as the name implies) and they use the jets of water to project scenes from different movies with timed music. We saw at least: Wall-E, Pocahontas, Up!, Fantansia, Beauty and the Beast, Finding Nemo, the Lion King (which had jets of firebig jets), The Princess and the Frog, Pirates of the Caribbean and a Bugs Life. There were probably more but I cant remember them all! After about half an hour the show ended and everyone of course moved to exit through one of two entry points to Paradise Pier. This was better than gaining access to the event in the first place. With the earlier time showing, we were able to see most of the fireworks show from Disneyland as we were leaving which was nice.

Overall, Ill give it a ?????. It was just super crowded and asking us to show up almost 2 hours early to wait around is a lot. Im assuming as it becomes less crowded during the fall, they might change the time you need to show up. Of course, you can probably show up right before and manage to find a spot if youre not so short (like me). There are other places around the Pier to watch from but theyd put you way at the side or back, so not great to watch from. If youre at the park and want to see it, I thought it was worth it, my brother, not so much.

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