Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice

pOne of my favorite things ever is chocolate peanut butter anything. On second thought, thats more than one thing but I digress. I also love ice cream. When I was younger and realized you could buy chocolate peanut butter ice cream it was clear I was in for some trouble. Since then, Ive been eating my way through dozens (I never counted but I know its a lot) of variations of chocolate peanut butter ice cream. The clear winner is still Haagen-Dazs Chocolate Peanut Butter ice cream. The best thing about this version is that the peanut butter is a solid ribbon thats cradled in the chocolate ice cream. The ribbon of PB melts in your mouth and coats it just like eating it straight from the spoon while the chocolate helps balance out the richness to a perfect blend. Id eat this all the time except to my dismay its also has a billion calories (320 for a single serving cup of 3.6 oz.). At the same time, Im not sure if its possible to reduce the amount at all to make it a better treat. So, go forth with your spoons and buy as this is the current reigning champion of all things chocolately, peanut buttery and ice creamy ★★★★☆.

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