Caramel Pecan Bark


caramelI have a love for all things chocolate and caramel, so when I was in a Godiva store the other day I had to buy some of their Caramel Pecan Bark.  It looked so good, full of caramel, milk and dark chocolate and pecans.

I couldnt resist, especially since I thought the pecans would add a nice crunch into the mix.

I was not disappointed.  The bites melt in your mouth so that you can taste each flavor. But taking a bite and chewing it so as to mash them all together at once is like heaven.  Its so very hard not to cram the piece Ive broken off the bar into my mouth all at once.

In fact, I think the only thing that might make this better is a little more salt to help balance everything out.  So congratulations Godiva on finding the perfect balance of all these ingredients [rating: 4.5/50.

I say, move over peppermint bark, I have a new favorite!


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