ArmageddonI saw this last week thanks to my wifes pregnancy and my ongoing war on Netflix. This is maybe the most 90s action movie ever made.

Its big and dumb in the way only Michael Bay can do it. But just like with the Island, at the core of it is a good idea this time about regular blue-collar types saving the world by drilling a hole in a meteorite. The biggest problem with that is that the regular guys are played by Owen Wilson, Steve Buscemi, Ben Affleck, Michael Clarke Duncan and Bruce Willis.  If theyd undercasted it with lesser known people like the Coen brothers did with Ladykillers it might have worked but you dont hire Michael Bay and then undercast something.

Of course Keith David as the top general is a standout but I thought Will Patton was great also and reminded me of George Kennedy from Flight of the Phoenix.  Liv Tyler had nothing to do in the movie except wear sundresses and make the Liv Tyler face at Billy Bob Thornton.  I have to put this below the Rock and Bad Boys, on par with the Island and ahead of Bad Boys 2.

I hope I can finish the whole Michael Bay oeuvre before my baby is born so I can then conceal their existence from him.

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