avsc – the 5 best phrases to say hear or read

posted December 14th by phil

I fill Jake in on the week’s news and then proceed to explain to him the 5 best phrases to say, hear or read. I’m not sure how valid the list is, because I forgot to make Jake sign off on the list after it was announced. Careful listeners will hear clues about where I hid a pot of gold.

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  • 1 King Zandor // Mar 27, 2012 at 7:38 am

    I teach high school history. I listened to this podcast and for weeks was telling the students in my class that I could neither confirm, nor could I deny, the occurrence of various historical events. I have also taken to telling the students that I will not dignify their questions/comments/statements with a response. This conversation has done wonders for my pedagogy. A+

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