Buz Sawyer/Rosco Sweeney

posted October 16th by phil

I learned about this from potrzebie and then from wikipedia.   These are Sunday comics about Rosco Sweeney, navy man. Newspapers are doomed when they take everything big, bold, colorful or creative like this out and expect people to cough up $2.00 for something they can get for free on their cell phone.  Are there even people around who can still draw like this?

buz112843Here we see Roscoe coming ashore and meeting up with a mute woman. None of the pretty girls in this story seem to be able to talk, they just look pretty. It’s just like mom always said: It’s not the 1940s without any casually tossed in racial caricatures. More silent pretty girls here but also their talkative parasol-toting crone mother. Their dad must be Rita Hayworth or something to look like they do with that mom.

buz121243Butch is really great, although you’d think he would be a better fighter based on his tattoo, name and build. What is Butch short for anyways? It’d be cool if you called your butcher “Butch” for short. It’s funny how Butch is really burly but yet has no body hair, maybe it’s hard to draw.

buz121943Here we get some good old fashioned sailor cross-dressing.  The appearance of the devious guy from the other boat offends me, since I am personally a devious guy from a rival naval vessel who often comes up with plans to use dames to trick powerful but easily-fatigued aging boxers and I don’t have a nose like that.  I think he may be related to the crone with the parasol and the daughters.  PS If you’re going to use dames to tire out a boxer, do it in a less G-rated way but then again that’s the 1940s for you.

buz122643I just realized that once the guy is dressed as a pretty girl, he doesn’t talk anymore.  Listen up girls the message is: pretty girls don’t talk.  How can I get at the rest of these to see the bout against the pudgy guy with the wig?  You think he won?

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  • 1 phil // Oct 16, 2009 at 4:16 pm

    Oddly enough I have gotten a lot done at work today.

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